Vaughan Hawthorne-Nelson

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His playing has the same intense, spiritual quality for which John Coltrane is remembered. Jack Massarik Evening Standard


His remarkable sound could suggest a chorister’s voice at one moment, bagpipes on a Scottish lament the next, and he revealed an unexpected enthusiasm for Ornette Colemen’s vocalised sound and loose, freewheeling solo construction. John Fordham – The Guardian Guide


He is known as a disciple of the Coltrane-inspired spiritual-quest school of saxophone playing (his alto sound pure, earnest, intensely communicative), and, like his great mentor, he is capable of affecting the heart and mind in equal proportions. Chris Parker of The Vortex


The Gift, a sprawling album...... this is a great spacey slice of modern British jazz. John Lewis

The Gift - Truly Inspirational Jonathan Abbott


British Jazz has found a new young hero in Vaughan Hawthorne. Cosmopolitan Magazine


‘Emergence’ is an accomplished, powerful and spiritually uplifting return. Paul Bradshaw – Straight No Chaser


His playing is distinguished by an introspective and thoughtful edge, which complements his total technical control. Mike Butler - City Life Manchester


Vaughan Hawthorne-Nelson, delivered some masterful interpretations of standards.... Hawthorne-Nelson’s profound respect for the masters (Ornette Coleman and Charlie Parker in particular) permeates every aspect of his performance….
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